Difficult to tax the motorway companies, according to Michel Sapin

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"Highway corporations benefited [...] extremely advantageous contracts [...], extremely well-made, they provide that if there is an increase of taxation [...] there must be compensation." Thus, try to tax the motorway companies to compensate for the suspension of the ecotax may be complicated due to the strength of the concession contracts signed by the highway groups, warned Thursday, October 9 at Washington Finance Minister Michel Sapin. According to him, the taxed motorway companies ..

Tesla launches the double electric motorization

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Tesla continues to amaze the automotive world. Founded a decade ago, the American automobile manufacturer has just announced the launch of three new cars on the basis of its "Model S" sedan launched in n/a They will be given a suffix, the letter "D" for "Dual engine" (both engines). These cars will be so equipped with an engine at the front and one in the rear and will conduct on four-wheel drive. Powerful and autonomous The Model S 60 D, the Model S 85 D and the Model S P 85 D to ..

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Six years after Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, awarded in 2008, is the author of "Obscure shopping street" turn from being distinguished for "the art of memory with which he mentioned the most elusive human destinies and unveiled the world of the Occupation", announced the Swedish Academy Thursday 9 October in a press release. In this search for intimate lost time, Patrick Modiano, 69, made detective in his own life, absent parents, a father troubled destiny, a teenage years lonely and ..

When the German ideology blocks the release of crisis in Europe

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On the occasion of the last gathering of the Finance Ministers of the G20 that was held in Australia, the United States Treasury Secretary Jack Lew pointed out several "philosophical compared with some friendly European countries differences», before encourage Europeans to do more to boost their anemic growth rate. There is a terminology unequivocal, which underlines the difficulty for Europe to find a way out of its current malaise. The Canadian Minister of finance, Joe Oliver, ..

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A new french arms contract is in the sights of Berlin, according to several sources. The Germany is currently thinking about if it blocks the delivery of helicopters manufactured by Airbus Helicopters to the Uzbekistan. Berlin "will head," says one close to the folder. "The Germans will probably do," says another source. The constructor of Marignane had a contract with Tashkent relating to the purchase of 10 Fennec and 6 Cougar for an amount of EUR 180 million. Contacted by "La Tribune", ..

Record nominations for the Nobel Peace 2014

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OSLO (Reuters) - A few hours of delivery, Friday, of the Nobel Prize for peace 2014 forecasts rife among the 278 names retained in the pre-listing, among them François Pope. The name of the successor to the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), crowned last year, will be announced Friday around 11: n/a h 00 GMT) by the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Thorbjorn Jagland. The Congolese Doctor Denis Mukwege, involved in the fight against violence against ..

Toulouse: ADP and competing Vinci for the privatization of the airport

The privatization of the airport of Toulouse arouses covetousness. Monday, September 15, closing date for submitting initial offers (mark of interest, details of consortia), several heavyweights of the airport sector will stand as candidates. "A dozen folders have been removed from the interests of the State Agency", said an informed source. Aéroports de Paris, in partnership with Predica (Crédit Agricole) will submit an offer. Vinci also, in partnership with CDC Infrastructure (subsidiar ..

Futuremag: the challenges of big data, participatory habitat

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Future explores the promises offered by the latest discoveries and inventions, and discusses two topics per issue. Contents of this issue: The big data For a decade, the volume and variety of data we produce as well as the speed with which we store have literally exploded. This is what is called the Big Data - officially translated by 'mega data' in french. Our daily life generates a flood of information, via email or our credit card transactions. Called these massive digital data ..

Alert to chikungunya in Tahiti

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PAPEETE (Reuters) - the chikungunya virus made its appearance on the island of Tahiti, announced the Presidency of French Polynesia. An investigation was opened after reporting several people with joint pain and fever, sometimes accompanied by skin eruptions. The analyses were used to say it was chikungunya in a couple of cases, mainly in the commune of Teva I Uta. Further investigations are underway to determine the source and extent of the transmission. According to a communiqué of ..

Emmanuel Macron relaunches the debate on unemployment insurance

PARIS (Reuters) - the Minister of the economy considers necessary a reform of insurance unemployment and considers that the State could "take over" If blockages are"too heavy", at the risk of a highly sensitive debate in France. After having raised an outcry by advocating a reform of the rules on compensation of the unemployed, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, sought Wednesday to restore calm in the minds by referring the question to negotiations between the social partners in n/a ..