Foncia referred by a group bringing together near 318.000 action tenants

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The first action of group in France. UFC-Que Choisir consumers ' association has decided to assign administrator properties Foncia, as is permitted by law now, she said in a statement posted on its website on October 1 The UFC has claim tenants, n/a according to its estimate, having paid unduly receipt shipping charges, for a total estimated at 44 million euros over five years. A practice of Foncia already condemned in justice In support of its action, consumers ' association is based ..

Thales is not retained by Finmeccanica to acquire rail freight operations

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It is finished for Thales and the Spanish rail manufacturer CAF. According to our information, they were not invited by Finmeccanica to submit binding offers to acquire the rail subsidiary of the Italian group AnsaldoBreda. Which is not the case of the consortium of China CNR and Insigma and Japanese Hitachi. In a statement issued Thursday evening, the Italian group invited Thursday night groups interested in its rail subsidiary AnsaldoBreda to submit binding offers. The advocacy group says ..

Tesla launches the double electric motorization

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Tesla continues to amaze the automotive world. Founded a decade ago, the American automobile manufacturer has just announced the launch of three new cars on the basis of its "Model S" sedan launched in n/a They will be given a suffix, the letter "D" for "Dual engine" (both engines). These cars will be so equipped with an engine at the front and one in the rear and will conduct on four-wheel drive. Powerful and autonomous The Model S 60 D, the Model S 85 D and the Model S P 85 D to ..

Export of arms (1/4): the Indonesia will be the new vein of the France?

The Indonesia is again in the strategies of all french armament groups. It must be said that Indonesian growth could not go unnoticed (6.2% in 2012 and 5.3% in 2013), although the pace of growth has slowed in the second quarter of 2014 to its lowest level for five years, for 5,12% YOY. Growth will nevertheless continue in the short term: 5.6% in 2014, 2015 and n/a And, according to the OECD, the rate of growth of the Indonesia between 2014 and 2018 should reach 6%. What would make the ..

The Symantec software Editor is divided into two

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(Reuters) - Symantec, manufacturer of the Norton anti-virus, announced Thursday its split into two companies, one dedicated to security software and the other specializes in data management. "Symantec separation into two independent companies will bring them flexibility and specialization needed to develop their growth and increase shareholder value," the US group said in a statement. Symantec trolling sector of software security for several quarters, was victim in part of the erosion ..

European stock exchanges close to their lowest of the year

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PARIS/London (Reuters) - the main European stock exchanges finished Friday at their more year, Frankfurt low returning even to its level of October 2013, still sealed by the growing concerns of the market on German growth and the global economy more generally. The CAC 40 fell 1.64 percent to 4.073,71 points. The index fell in session to its lowest level since mid-December 2013 and saves on the week his most poor performance since end September 2012 with a decline of 4.86%. The British ..

Difficult to tax the motorway companies, according to Michel Sapin

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"Highway corporations benefited [...] extremely advantageous contracts [...], extremely well-made, they provide that if there is an increase of taxation [...] there must be compensation." Thus, try to tax the motorway companies to compensate for the suspension of the ecotax may be complicated due to the strength of the concession contracts signed by the highway groups, warned Thursday, October 9 at Washington Finance Minister Michel Sapin. According to him, the taxed motorway companies ..

Update the black list of the forex brokers by the AMF

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Invest Forex also requires to choose a serious and reliable broker. One can thus be very gifted in currency trading but if it encounters difficulties to collect his winnings, then all efforts will have been in vain. This is why it is important to remain attentive to alerts of the authority des MarchĂ©s Financiers (AMF) and of the prudential control authority (APC) of the Bank of France. Regularly, the two institutions are updating their list of websites and entities who are not allowed to ..

When the German ideology blocks the release of crisis in Europe

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On the occasion of the last gathering of the Finance Ministers of the G20 that was held in Australia, the United States Treasury Secretary Jack Lew pointed out several "philosophical compared with some friendly European countries differences», before encourage Europeans to do more to boost their anemic growth rate. There is a terminology unequivocal, which underlines the difficulty for Europe to find a way out of its current malaise. The Canadian Minister of finance, Joe Oliver, ..

SPIE postponed its initial public offering

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IPO presented as the biggest of the year in Paris was eventually postponed. Before the lack of investor interest, Spie has opted for caution and has decided to revise his schedule because of "market conditions become particularly volatile. The Group wishes to clarify that it is only a postponement, not a cancellation. Two sources aware of the folder indicated Wednesday 'Reuters' that Spie had difficulties to investors in a difficult market environment and that the order book was not met ..