Foncia referred by a group bringing together near 318.000 action tenants

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The first action of group in France. UFC-Que Choisir consumers ' association has decided to assign administrator properties Foncia, as is permitted by law now, she said in a statement posted on its website on October 1 The UFC has claim tenants, n/a according to its estimate, having paid unduly receipt shipping charges, for a total estimated at 44 million euros over five years. A practice of Foncia already condemned in justice In support of its action, consumers ' association is based ..

Thales is not retained by Finmeccanica to acquire rail freight operations

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It is finished for Thales and the Spanish rail manufacturer CAF. According to our information, they were not invited by Finmeccanica to submit binding offers to acquire the rail subsidiary of the Italian group AnsaldoBreda. Which is not the case of the consortium of China CNR and Insigma and Japanese Hitachi. In a statement issued Thursday evening, the Italian group invited Thursday night groups interested in its rail subsidiary AnsaldoBreda to submit binding offers. The advocacy group says ..

The Symantec software Editor is divided into two

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(Reuters) - Symantec, manufacturer of the Norton anti-virus, announced Thursday its split into two companies, one dedicated to security software and the other specializes in data management. "Symantec separation into two independent companies will bring them flexibility and specialization needed to develop their growth and increase shareholder value," the US group said in a statement. Symantec trolling sector of software security for several quarters, was victim in part of the erosion ..

Export of arms (1/4): the Indonesia will be the new vein of the France?

The Indonesia is again in the strategies of all french armament groups. It must be said that Indonesian growth could not go unnoticed (6.2% in 2012 and 5.3% in 2013), although the pace of growth has slowed in the second quarter of 2014 to its lowest level for five years, for 5,12% YOY. Growth will nevertheless continue in the short term: 5.6% in 2014, 2015 and n/a And, according to the OECD, the rate of growth of the Indonesia between 2014 and 2018 should reach 6%. What would make the ..

Tesla launches the double electric motorization

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Tesla continues to amaze the automotive world. Founded a decade ago, the American automobile manufacturer has just announced the launch of three new cars on the basis of its "Model S" sedan launched in n/a They will be given a suffix, the letter "D" for "Dual engine" (both engines). These cars will be so equipped with an engine at the front and one in the rear and will conduct on four-wheel drive. Powerful and autonomous The Model S 60 D, the Model S 85 D and the Model S P 85 D to ..

Sivens: clashes with the police in Nantes and Toulouse

by Guillaume Frouin and Johanna Decorse NANTES and TOULOUSE (Reuters) - clashes between demonstrators and the police were underway Saturday in Nantes and Toulouse after rallies in memory of Rémi Fraisse, dead on the site of the dam of Sivens (Tarn) project, found journalists from Reuters. Nantes, the security forces made use of tear gas to disperse demonstrators, including a number of opponents to the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire-Atlantique) project, throwing them in glass ..

Thalys will install a faster Wi – Fi in its trains (SNCF)

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Thalys goes in order of battle to prepare the future arrival of new operators on the routes high speed connecting Paris to Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne. While it will gain in operational efficiency by becoming March 31, 2015 a railway undertaking of full enjoyment, Thalys prepares also new measures to improve the quality of service and hospitality aboard the Red trains. Among them, a new system of Wi - Fi end 2015 to improve this service judged too slow by passengers. A call for ..

An ambulance drone who goes to the rescue of people making a heart attack

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The stricken people of a heart attack could soon be saved by a robot. Flying defibrillator for accuracy, including a prototype was unveiled Tuesday, October 28, by a Belgian 23-year-old engineer, Alec Momont. The ambulance drone, which can fly at a speed of 100 km/h, will be able to be worn to aid patients in a few minutes. Equipped with six thrusters, it can carry a load of four kilos: the weight of a defibrillator. It captures on mobile emergency calls and uses a GPS to orient themselves. ..

The EIS has killed 85 additional members of a Sunni tribe in Iraq

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Baghdad (Reuters) - from the fighters of the Islamic State (EI) have performed 85 additional members of the Iraqi Sunni tribe Albou Nimr, continuing a campaign of mass launched last week murders in retaliation against advanced opposite to its resistance, reported Saturday a tribal leader and a head of the security services. Sheikh Nahim al Gahoud, one of the leaders of this tribe, told Reuters that the IC had killed 50 people Friday. On the other hand, a security services official said ..

Spain: Given Podemos leading in a poll for the first time

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It is a real earthquake of Earth which, if it is confirmed could redraw from Spanish politics of the transition to democracy 40 years ago. In a poll published this Sunday, 2 ooctobre by El País and directed by the Institute Metroscopia, Podemos party, only eight months old and from the movement of the outraged, struggle against the austerity taken in 2011 and 2012, measures gets 27.7% of voting intentions. It is 13.9 points higher than here is one month and 17 points more than in September, ..